Clients & Suppliers

We built interpersonal relationships with both our clients and our suppliers. Our goal is a win-win relationship, as we think that both sides of a transaction should gain from it.

Special transports and loading/unloading services are crucial to every one of our partners, whether it is a company or an individual. We are in full line with the recent supply-chain developments since several companies employ our outsourcing services. Construction companies, heavy industries, Greek Public Enterprises and Entities (DEKO) and individuals have placed trust in us throughout all these years. Our pricing policy depends on the requested equipment. Various discounts and credit extension are the missing pieces of the partnership puzzle. P. DOUKAS & SONS ANIPSOMETAFORIKI EPE has maintained long-term partnerships and some of them have ended up in important contracts.

The applied supply policy is also a key part, as every supplier’s performance is rated on a yearly basis in terms of provided services and products. Our partners support us at any time and place. We are aiming at long-term partnerships with all our suppliers and this is the reason why our list is limited to a few people having the know-how and the expertise.

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In cases of special transportation, a transit permit is required.