Health & Safety Policy

Health and safety for employees and involved parties are a top priority for P. DOUKAS & SONS ANIPSOMETAFORIKI EPE

Consequently, it takes all the necessary safety measures for providing services to its employees, partners and clients with safety.

Given the ever-changing nature of the market we operate in and our will to apply a documented health and safety system in the work, the company has embraced innovation by applying that system fully since mid 2012, in compliance with the international standard OHSAS 18001:2007. Pursuant to that standard, it maintains a verified, high customer service level, through continuous personnel training and equipment upgrades in safety terms.

All our vehicles have lifting devices which are certified for their suitability. Furthermore, the company maintains a special electronic register, which makes data retrieval fast and easy in combination with internal procedures. Proactive vehicle-maintenance plans make us stand out from competition, as they help us aim for the safe and unencumbered operation of both vehicles and equipment.

Another quality that sets our company apart is that in addition to the legislation in force, we have introduced our own set of internal rules. We have ensured that our vehicles and equipment have additional insurance coverage, besides what is legally provided, and that the lifting devices be certified by the appointed Greek accreditation body (ESYD) for a shorter duration than what the Greek state calls for. Finally, it is worth mentioning that in cooperation with licensed mechanical engineers and through specialized software, our company issues a special lifting plan called “Lift Plan” for projects in high-risk sites.

Not only have we put in place strict regulations in heavy-lifting services, but we also comply with the same regulations in special transports. When the dimensions of the cargo in transit exceed the limits set by the Greek Highway Code, we acquire special transit permits issued by the competent state authorities to ensure the safety of the drivers using the same routes. Special, high-tech follow-up vehicles with the proper signs guarantee that the special transports will be carried out in safety.

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In cases of special transportation, a transit permit is required.

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