In 2005, with the aim of reinforcing our standing within the Greek special transport and heavy lifting market, the sole proprietorships with the names “DOUKAS N. PANAGIOTIS” and “DOUKAS P. IOANNIS” merged to establish the limited liability company with the name “P. DOUKAS & SONS” and the title “ANIPSOMETAFORIKH LTD”. For the most part, the company deals with road transport and loading/unloading services.

In 2014, following the breakthroughs in the Greek economy, ANIPSOMETAFORIKH LTD has bought out machinery worth of €400,000, as well as a small-scale lifting-machinery company. Within the year, having achieved financial stability and wanting to expand into new business areas, the company has amended its activities by adding new ones, such as personnel outsourcing services, fleet management services, as well as other services related to heavy industry.


The company with the name “DOUKAS N. PANAGIOTIS” grew rapidly and owned ten (10) mobile cranes (“parrots”) by the beginning of 1998. In parallel, starting as a plan, a company with the name “DOUKAS P. IOANNIS” was founded a year later. Its main activity was a new type of machinery for heavy-load lifting by privately-owned telescopic cranes with lifting capacity up to 200 t.

However, by 1999, DOUKAS N. PANAGIOTIS had already been ready to introduce the third type of machinery, which helped it stand out from competition in special transports. As a result, vehicles with special trailers of variable length and height could carry bulky and heavy cargos.

The year 2000 was the turning point for the company DOUKAS N. PANAGIOTIS. Through the long course of more than 20 years, its first hub was made real, located at the Old Athens-Thiva National Road, Mandra, Attica.

In 2004, the decision to create a limited liability company was made. At the end of that year, the new dynamic company log was designed and presented, inspired by a combination of the Greek letter “Δ”, which is the initial of the owner’s and current General Director’s last name, Mr. Panagiotis Doukas, and the Greek word “Δρόμος” (Road), which is the first area ANIPSOMETAFORIKH LTD started doing business in.


The company with the name “DOUKAS N. PANAGIOTIS” was founded in 1977 and acquired one vehicle (mobile crane) with different lifting capacity in every two years, by taking slow but steady steps. In 1985, a store serving our customers’ needs up to now was established at 51 Iera Odos Ave, Elefsina, Attica. Along with professional success, the family success is reflected in the fact that all executives are currently working in various departments and divisions across ANIPSOMETAFORIKH LTD.

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